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The Paintball screensaver turns your screen into a painters canvas, painting a picture in semi-impressionistic style using bouncing balls or (new in v2.0) blots of splattering paint. Five 3D-rendered images are included but you can also load images of your own choice, or let the saver make a painting of your desktop. You can adjust the fuzzyness of the painting by changing the size of the spots. The number of bouncing balls can vary from 1 to 64. New in v1.2: more balls, option to change the size of balls, option to add more then one images of your own, more speed options. New in v1.3: even more balls, time per image option, wipe canvas option, perspective ball size option, stretch/black margin option, help text in setting screen and improved graphics routines. New in v2.0: new graphics routines, new 3D graphics, Splat! mode added (for people who expected to see something more resembling the Paintball game).

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